Ducky race tickets are on the move / stick draw prizes…..

The executive received the ducky race tickets last week at their meeting and are distributing them to the Club’s Adult and Junior members. If you have yet to receive yours, they are on the way. We want the tickets (money) turned in by July 17 to enable the sold ducks to be recorded prior to race day. You may give your tickets to me or to another executive member (Kay included) so we can give them to Kay for the recording of sold tickets. Please leave the staples in the sold ducky-race tickets. It makes it simpler — and easier — to record numbers on the large wall charts with staples are left intact.

The chicken BBQ and ducky race — both at the rink’s property on Sunday, July 24, are the biggest fund-raiser that the Club does throughout the entire year therefore your anticipated support is sincerely appreciated.

The stick draws also happen on July 24 thus please contribute to the prizes’ numbers. If you have not been contacted — you will be. What the executive is hoping for is members (and friends if they wish to assist) to donate items valued at $5.00 or more for the prizes. If someone prefers to make a monetary donation we will also gladly accept.

Prizes may be left with me, another executive member or with Bette Ann Corkum (our stick draw coordinator).

Larger prizes are attractive at the stick-draw table to entice participants therefore if you, or you know of someone or a business who would be willing to donate — please ask. Most businesses tend to have promotional items to distribute thus asking for something where you spend your dollars could be helpful.

Any questions, give me a shout.