Renovation committee update….

Thank you for attending last evening’s meeting. Bette Ann, thank you for sending Ira 🙂. (I hope your dental problem is subsiding.)

The oil tank and furnace were removed today. Basil has been informed of the same and is redesigning his earlier renovation/construction plan as we discussed last evening. His proposal, as we agreed to last evening, is for the new entrance to come in via the existing but now-empty furnace room with allowance being made for the hot water tank to remain in its current location.

Basil is also giving some thought to a storage nook off ice 1 that would accommodate the ice king and nipper for their storage when they are not being used. (Whatever expense required for the nook would not be coming from Mr. Sceles’ donation.)

At our next meeting on Wednesday, November 30, Basil will have a copy of his redone-design for our input and tentative approval before it goes to the general membership for their blessings and with a better idea on what dollars we are seeking.

Mike Nicholson is attending to the septic system via contacting the Department of the Environment to see what conditions are required for a new septic and drainage bed.

I am going to contact the federal government representative and provincial representative regarding whatever grants that might be available for our applications. I am also going to telephone Mr. Ted Sceles and update him on our progress.

As mentioned last evening, we need more members for our renovation project. The idea being that they do not have to attend all meetings, just be available as tasks come to be done and then contribute to whatever degree that is possible. Once we finalize the monetary objective we will need workers and ideas to raise the sufficient funds.

Today I spoke to several Club members who have agreed to assist as much as their available time permits.

Brian Farrell has agreed to comb through the rink’s historical minutes and note community individuals who were once active at the rink for our future contact regarding possible donations.

Sharmaine Shea has consented to assist wherever possible with our recognition that she is busy building her her new home.

Margaret Hadley has agreed to assist with fund-raising with the stipulation that she also works full time.

Chris West has also consented to serve on the committee.

We are getting the momentum to take this project to success in 2017 so let all of us keep our thoughts on this ambitious project’s successful completion.

Best regards and sincere thanks to all.