A social curling gathering at the rink this Saturday night 7:00 PM….

George Luddington has booked the rink for this Saturday night (7:00 PM) to have recreational curling. George, Wayne and Mabel Hyam, are getting members and friends together for some socialization and curling on Saturday evening.

This gathering is being put together by those three and all others are welcome to attend. The cost is free for Chedabucto CC members and $10.00 per non-member (spare fees). It is our hope that such a gathering will stir up additional interest and more use for our curling facility.

If you would like to know more and/or plan to attend, you may call George (870.2811) or email Wayne ( waynehyam@hotmail.com ) As they finalize their plans for Saturday I expect that one of them will circulate more information. (Whatever information they pass on to me, will be forwarded on to you.)

I thank them for putting their efforts into getting more use out of a facility that we are very fortunate to have available.

Cheers 🙂