Day League 1st Half champs are….

Day League 1st Half champs are Team DeCoff with 7 end victory over Team Connolly. Good turnout of fans to watch the game. Thank you for cheering both teams on. Congrats go out to Team DeCoff: Neil DeCoff; skip, Lyle Reid; mate, Mia DeCoff; 2nd, and Muriel Guthro; Lead. The 2nd half of the Day League starts on Thursday. The team lists and schedule will be up on our website soon. There will be ten teams this time round.

Day League 1st Half Champs are Team DeCoff: Lyle Reid, Muriel Guthro, Mia DeCoff, and Neil DeCoff.

Runnerups in the Day League 1st Half are Team Connolly: Chris West, Mary K. Connolly, Phil O’Regan, and Mary E. A. Connolly.