Renovation update from Dec. 22nd…..

I’ve been patiently waiting since July to send the attached photos of this work completed at the Chedabucto Curling Club due to many hours of planning, overseeing construction and financial donations from members, supporters plus financial assistance from the Municipality of the District of Guysborough.

We still have the kitchen and bar areas to finish (completed by mid January) as well as numerous “final jobs” to complete  over the next month or two. (Scott Hart will be continuing when he is not required to tend to his snow plowing.) A-1 Gutter is coming on Wednesday to insulate the attic of the new section and touch up the original attic because of contractors being up there for duct work, electrical and construction work.

The first photo (009) shows the new section as one leaves the older piece looking out towards the main entrance with the washrooms’ doors to your left.

The second photo (003) shows the curling brooms holder designed by Scott located at the back wall of the coat/kit bag/street footwear area.

The third photo (004) shows the entire coat/street footwear area. We told Scott what we were seeking and he created what you see. 🙂

The fourth photo (005) is the Clarence Simpson bench that was donated years ago in Clarence’s memory. The bench is located immediately inside the main entrance. We wanted it there because of its history and due to the historical reality that Clarence Simpson, Edgar Sceles, Marie MacMaster and many other community-minded individuals gave much time and energy (and financial support) to enable us to be able enjoy our wonderful curling/community facility.

Photo 006 is Clarence’s bench as seen when one is stepping into the entrance.

Photo 008 is the donor recognition wall that will hold the wall-mounted display in which we will acknowledge those who have made all this possible via their financial assistance. Above the yet-to-be-made donors’ display is Junior Sceles’s straw broom to acknowledge his involvement in the rink as well as to recognize the design of a curling broom that has a history in curling. (To the right is the men’s washroom entrance with the women’s to the left.)

(Since you are still reading, not to miss an opportunity, the Chedabucto Curling Club welcomes new members, be they rookies, experienced curlers, returning members, juniors, or social members, all seeking being involved with a fantastic group of good people.)

In closing, on behalf of the Chedabucto Curling Club Executive, to each and all, I extend my most sincere best wishes from my family to yours for a joyous, safe Christmas and may you have happiness and good health throughout all of 2018.

Merry Christmas, Ray

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