No Juniors Easter weekend / Memorial Funspiel / 50/50 tickets…

After a discussion with Teagan, the decision has been made to NOT have the junior curling this Easter weekend. On Saturday, April 7, the juniors will have their next and final session for this season. (I’ll have 50/50 tickets available on the 7th with the final draw being on April 14.)

On the April 13/14 weekend, we will be having our closing Memorial Funspiel with all games being 4-enders. The intention is let the curlers have their recreational matches as a great way to wind down this curling season during the times of playoffs for the Day and Night Leagues. (More details will be forthcoming after the executive have had an opportunity to share ideas for the Memorial Funspiel.)

All (adults and juniors) are welcome to curl in the Memorial Funspiel. It is our hope that we will also have curlers who are interested in the sport and would like to curl in these shorter games as food for thought for future matches.

Best wishes to all for a safe and spiritual Easter weekend.