Removal of last year’s Emergency Response Information sheets and email distribution adjustments….

The Club’s by-laws direct that our last-season memberships expires at the end of November therefore all of us who were members in 2017-2018 (as per the Club’s by-laws) unless we have re-joined for 2018/2019, are no longer members of the Chedabucto CC as of today.

Today I removed from the binder and burnt all 2017/2018 emergency response information sheets. To those who have completed and submitted their 2018/2019 emergency response information sheets — thank you. Your what-if-something-happens-information should now be within the confidential binder on the Club’s kitchen fridge where, hopefully, it will never be needed.

For those who have yet to provide their completed emergency response sheet please do ASAP. If you are in the building or on the Club’s property and unresponsive due to a fall or illness, it will be a heck of a problem for the Club to exercise the due diligence that it desires for your care and to do as you instruct.

What I am going to do shortly is remove the no-longer members from my Club membership distribution email list but leave them within the supporters email distribution list. If you prefer not to receive those Club related emails please advise me. I will follow your instructions and also delete you from the supporters file.

Best regards,