Three amendments to Chedabucto CC By-laws to be proposed at the AGM on April 24, 2019, AGM..

A more detailed AGM agenda will be forthcoming over the next several days. The following is to give you notice that — at the Chedabucto Curling Club’s April 24, 6:30 PM, AGM — three By-laws amendments will be proposed by the Club’s executive, with the current By-law in quotations marks and the proposed amendment in bold print. Those regular adult members in attendance will be asked to vote on these amendments.


1.  Clause 10:  Fiscal Year.”The Club’s fiscal year shall end the 31st day of May for each year.”. The By-law change shall be: The Club’s financial year shall be May 1 to April 30. The purpose of this amendment is to add clarity for the Club’s treasurer.

2 & 3. Clause 2 – Membership

 (B)       Classification

1.         “Regular/Adult Membership(s) shall be person(s) as per the age(s) set out by the Nova Scotia Curling Association and whose membership(s) has (have) been approved.” The new addition to (B) 1. shall be: New members shall be those persons who have never been members of the Club. The purpose is to give clarity to the definition to what constitutes a new member.

2.         “Family memberships shall be permitted for regular members, and their children who classify as junior members.” The new addition to (B) 2. shall be: Family dues shall be applicable if the family consists of two adult Club members in the same household and the child(ren) age(s) are 18 years or younger.