Changes and/or additions to our website

 We have recently, with the help of Simply Ducky, updated and/or added a few features to our website. On the main ‘Welcome’ Page ( ) you will notice we now have the Twitter and Facebook logos back. On the old site the logos were at the top. But since we made changes to the site so it was more ‘mobile friendly’ the logos disappeared. They are back on the right hand side below ‘Browse Our Archives’ if using a computer or laptop and at the bottom of the site if using the mobile location. Another fix is to ‘Our Location’ menu under ‘Our Club’. For some reason we lost our Google Map link. It is now back. Another new feature which I forgot to mention in the email to members is on New posts that I put up you can now comment on them if you want. And finally a new item near the bottom of the website is a ‘Facebook feed’ from our club Facebook site. 
I am working on trying to get a link on the website so you could post Curling items for sale. You can do it on our Facebook or Twitter accounts. Simply Ducky is going to help me there soon.
PS If there are suggestions on our website that you may want to see or change let me know.