Last Junior curling this Wednesday….

Another curling season has too rapidly drawn to a close.  This Wednesday, April 3, at their regular time after school this year’s Chedabucto CC Juniors will be having their final curling session for this season at the Club.
In hindsight the winter has been a very busy one for the Club with many things happening.  As sometimes regrettably happens some activities dominate energies while others do not get the attention deserved; our Juniors League is an example of involvement that will definitely receive more attention next winter.
For this Wednesday a financial donation from Sceles Realty is enabling the Club  to provide all in attendance with a pizza treat.  Family members (parents, siblings, grandparents) of this year’s Juniors are also invited to attend for 3:00 PM so we can do a head (pizza) count for ordering the treat.
An additional activity that is planned for Wednesday will be two turkey shoots to determine which two Juniors will each take home a 20 lb frozen turkey — also provided via Sceles Realty’s donation.  Simply explained, the frozen wrapped turkey is placed on the ice and stones are curled at it to determine which Junior’s rock is the closest to the bird.  (While the pizza in being ordered the turkey shoots will be conducted.)
Thanks to those who assisted with this year’s Juniors — and yes you too are invited for pizza on Wednesday: Lawrence and Patrica Deagle, Shawna Cody, Donalda Mattie, Brian Farrell, Phil O’Regan  Holly Nahrebecky and Giselle Sceles.  (I hope I haven’t missed anyone.)
The Strait Regional School Board / Mr. Long is also gratefully recognized for the school bus service to enable the Juniors to travel to the Club.