Physics and curling at Chedabucto CC….

Students from Guysborough’s Chedabucto Education Centre & Guysborough Academy took their Physics 12 class into the Chedabucto Curling Club. One of the concepts within their academic studies is to investigate two-dimensional momentum in order to analyse a collision at angles and then to predict the resulting movement of that contact.

As stated by one of their instructors, Mr. Michael Wilson, “When these problems are studied they are often examined from a friction-less environment. These types of questions absolutely are representative of curling as we can look at how the velocity of the rock and the angle of impact affects the velocities and angles of the two rocks after a collision and it is on ice.”

              Applying two-dimensional momentum to curling enables its participants to conceptualize the outcomes of two rocks colliding and how that contact could factor into the strategy of the match and determine its outcome.

              Participating in their March 6 class-away-from-school, back row (l- r): Kylie England, Chantelle Avery, Jacob Sceles, Madison Jordon, Malaya Luddington Olivia Hart. Middle row (l-r): Michael D. Wilson, Emily Casey, Nolan Rimney, Ben van Steinburg, Lowell MacDonald, Noor Mohrez, Jordon Nickerson, Alicia Mills, Sam Wilson. Front row (l-r): Tanisha Williams, Hanna Manthorne, Victoria Grady, Taya Lucas-Desmond. (Photo: Ray Bates)

Physics and curling at Chedabucto CC