Volunteers needed for this weekend’s Closing Sceles Memorial Bonspiel….

Good morning members. former members and supporters,
Chedabucto CC’s closing spiel is this weekend and you know what that means: In addition to curlers for the six-ender games, volunteers are needed to deal with meals and duties.  We truly welcome and appreciate assistance from all: existing members, former members and to those who simply like to support Chedabucto CC.
The Club needs someone to cook the donated 26 pound turkey to be served for this Saturday’s supper.  We have a new stove at the club if that is simpler for cooking location. We have a person to carve the turkey if the cook wishes and we do have someone already committed to making the dressing. We do need the gravy to be made.
The vegetables  need to be prepared for Saturday’s supper. The thought was for potatoes, carrots and another so as to have enough.  If individuals could commit to one of the veggies that would also be appreciated.  We will know on Wednesday the numbers who are curling for the head count.
Not to forget desserts — special events are always better with a sweet treat.  Again the amount will depend on registered curlers.
Then there is the lunch meal.  There will need to be a kitchen person to cook the burgers plus sausages.  If donations for other goodies are brought, we will not turn your generosity away.
Rolls or buns always go nicely with a hot meal thus they too will be a nice addition. As you can imagine more backs make the load lighter therefore the phone calls as necessary with start tonight and tomorrow to line up the Club’s needs for another successful bonspiel.
Let one of the executive know if you can pitch in: me, Paula Dobson, Phil O’Regan, Kay Chisholm. Holly Nahrebecky , Lois MacDonald, or Brian Farrell .
With the Club’s lounge ice-viewing monitors installed, being a spectator is now much more  enjoyable.