Curling Store order

To all members

       I will soon be putting in a Curling Store order. Most of you have now been on the ice at least once. Time to check your grippers if you have curling shoes. Grippers should be changed every year if you curl at least once a week. There is a Curling Store item sheet at the club. I will attach one here and also the website for the store. For anyone new to ordering from the Curling Store, the prices shown on the website and the MSRP price on the sheet is what you pay to the club and the club pays the Curling Store the LIST price on the sheet. You can also go to the store and pay directly if you desire. The Curling Store does it this way to help out the clubs in NS and beyond. Once the order is complete it will go in and I then try to get anyone who is going up to Dartmouth to pick it up. Otherwise they mail it out with a shipping cost. Today is Nov. 19th so I would like to have the order complete by Dec. 2nd. Once you receive your order our Treasurer Wendy Paquette will contact you with your total that you can pay at the bar or her. Their website is
Phil O’Regan
PS an email is going out soon once I have all of the updated emails.

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