DeCoste Bottle Exchange still in our region

Decoste Bottle Exchange, Tracadie, will be located at the Guysborough Legion’s parking lot effective Saturday, December 14. DeCoste’s hours of operation will be on Saturdays from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM. It is our hope that DeCoste’s collection services to this region will be utilized by many. If however you prefer to take your recyclables to the DeCoste Bottle Exchange depot, it are located at 9550 Tracadie.
Bottle donations to the Chedabucto CC are not required — but will be truly appreciated. The volunteered donations to Chedabucto CC are another means via which the Club raises funds for its many operational expenses. Dues alone will never cover all of Chedabucto CC’s costs.
If people wish to donate the proceeds of their bottle sales to Chedabucto CC please inform Ellsworth DeCoste, or his representative, of
those wishes for your donated amount to be recorded and for that notation to be signed by the donor. When Chedabucto CC gets the donated moneys at months’ ends we receive copies of the donated receipts to enable us to thanks the donors.