Curling rinks’ presentation to MODG Council on Wednesday needs your attendance….

This Wednesday, January 7, the Chedabucto CC and the Canso CC will be making a combined presentation to the Municipality of the District of Guysborough’s Council to seek its greater financial support.

The Executives of the Canso CC and Chedabucto CC have both authorized Mary LeBlanc, Secretary of Canso CC, and me to present on behalf of the rinks to the MODG Council with the hope that Council will take a much greater supportive role within both curling facilities’ financial needs.

Council meets in the MODG Council chamber (the court room) this Wednesday at 4:30 PM with Mary and I commencing our overall 15 – 20 minute presentation shortly after Council convenes.

It is of critical importance to have — as many as possible — members and supporters of our district’s curlers and the two rinks present within the visitors’ gallery.  My logic is basic: if Mary LeBlanc and I can put in the time and effort to prepare for Wednesday’s presentation, surely members and supporters can give approximately 20 minutes of their time to be present so as to indicate their combined support for our mutual goal.

Thank you.