Your invitation for an exciting challenge at Chedabucto CC…..

As you probably already know, our curling rink has been the recipient of a commitment for a sizeable and very generous financial contribution to be used for a structural expansion on the entrance side of our club’s lounge. The proposal is to construct an add-on that will accommodate a new accessible entrance along with change areas and accessible gender-specific washrooms.

Our challenge will be to find financial assistance to go with the before-mentioned contribution along with the monetary commitment that has been already made by the Municipality of Guysborough. As was explained at our Club’s recent semi-AGM, this is a wonderful opportunity for us to make much-needed improvements to our facility that will benefit all of us and the Club’s future users long after we decide to hang up our curling shoes.

What I am seeking via this email is for interested Chedabucto CC members — or their family members — to contact me and to volunteer to be active components of the 2016-2017 renovation/expansion committee. There are already several individuals who have stated they will work to assist our Club’s renovation/expansion goals — but we must have more women and men. The simple fact being that “more shoulders will lighten the load”. (Should you have questions before making your commitment to work for this goal, please ask.)

As the chairperson of the ad hoc renovation/expansion committee I am encouraging you to participate, to step forward and do your “something” so this project will be one our legacies to the Chedabucto Curling Club and our community-at-large.

This project is time sensitive therefore I want to have our committee actively working for our goal by the middle of this month.

With my best regards — and anticipation for more volunteers,