Curling club surplus tables, stools and cabinet….

At the June 25 executive meeting it was moved and approved that Club members would have first bids via a silent auction for one or more of the the six green-top round tables, four counter-stools or one glass-front cabinet — all now surplus since the Club has purchased six new light-weight completely folding round tables and has no need for the green tables, bar stools nor the cabinet; all be sold to the highest bidder(s).

Four tables are 39 inches in diameter and the other 2 tables are 47 inches in diameter. The home-made cabinet is 41 inches high, with 4 shelves at 11 inches  x 11 inches. I forgot to measure the stools; they being the ones that used to be next to the bar and have been replaced by nice looking bar chairs.

I will be receiving bids until July 23 (our next executive meeting date) and then what is not sold via Club membership will be decided upon by the executive. If you want to inspect any of the attached items contact Maurice, me or any other executive member since we all have keys to the Club. I am away  this Friday, the 6th, until July 13 therefore Maurice or another executive member will be your inspection person during that period. Bids may be sent to me for inclusion within the July 23 agenda.

Enjoy the heat. Curling season is only four months away. 🙂