2018 Ducky race winners…

Our Ducky Race & Chicken BBQ multiple events at our curling rink happened because of volunteers pitching in with their time. Doing what was done today just does not happen; it takes much time, effort and literally sweat to make it successful. I will not attempt to list the many who contributed — but I can envision you at your task(s). THANK YOU!

To those who bought / sold duckie tickets: Thank you!

To those who donated to the stick pick: Thank you!

To those who volunteered today so many could have enjoyable experiences: Thank you!

The winners of the duckie race were as follows:

Tara (Muise) Brown, formerly of Guysborough but now of Rankin Inlet: $500.00 for the fastest duck.

Beryl (Long) Hadley, Mulgrave, at a very close second: $200.00.

Cathy Nunn, Bayfield, as the third to finish: $100.00

That’s it folks. It is time for me to dig at the back of the fridge for a cold beer (or tonight — maybe two 🙂 )

Cheers to all,


Chefs: (front left clockwise) Jim Muise, George Luddington, Brian
MacDonald ( lead cooker) and Don Armstrong. Photo Chris West