An appeal before the donors’ wall display is constructed this month….

All of the curling rink’s construction is done but the Chedabucto Curling Club (CCC) still owes $20,348.60 to the Royal Bank’s renovation/expansion loan. This appeal is your opportunity, if you have not contributed, to please assist the CCC via your financial generosity. (Profits from last weekend’s BBQ, duckie race and stick pick go entirely towards the CCC’s annual operational costs.)

By the end of August, Treasurer Holly and I will be finalizing the list of donors’ names and completing the five categories of donations acknowledgements as they will appear on the 4’x8′ donation board to be affixed to the wall where people enter the CCC lounge — with all donations, regardless of the amounts — being indicated. It would be sincerely helpful and truly appreciated if you have yet to make a donation, for you to please make that contribution towards the construction’s approximately $220,000.00 cost. If you already have given — thank you — but you may add more to that amount. (The CCC mailing address: PO Box 107, Boylston B0H 1G0.)

I have attached the tentative design of the donors’ board that is being constructed by Waterline Graphix. You will note that all donations — regardless of their amounts — will be displayed as the CCC’s way of acknowledging your welcomed financial support. Your name will appear in one of the five specific categories; the CCC will not be indicating the exact amount donated, just its general financial compartment.

If you have not donated towards the CCC renovations — please make your financial contribution.


Donors board sample