Stick delivery workshop and NS website for stick curling…

At Saturday’s (Nov. 17th) stick-delivery workshop, Ron Crowe and Bill Spinney, Truro Curling Club — in addition to providing those in attendance with instructions for the successful use of a delivery stick versus the traditional drop-and-slide delivery method — also provided us with the link to the newly created NS Stick Curling web site.  On the following site there is information for technique as well as other information regarding stick curling. Phil will put the NS Stick Curling website on the Club’s website.

When at the Chedabucto CC several years ago Ron and Bill each gave the Club a donation towards our now completed expansion/renovation.

Yesterday Ron and Bill donated $142.10 towards our 2019 goal of having the ice shed’s exterior walls insulated and covered with vinyl siding.

(Thank you Ron and Bill.)

On behalf of all Chedabucto CC members I extend my sincere gratitude to Ron and Bill for their willingness to travel to the Chedabucto CC to instruct and also for their ongoing support and promotion of using the delivery stick to extend one’s years of curling.

In addition to my thanks to the 15 curlers who attended yesterday’s workshops, I thank our VP Maurice Landry for being present with me during both sessions while he and I held the broom to assist Ron and Bill while they were instructing.

Good curling All,